-- The big latency/ping/input problem Thread --



  • vladimusmaximus
    43 posts Last Pick at the Park
    All of the issues described are simply hard coded into this game. Everyone has known this for a long time. This year it's even worse. I have a 250mb/s connection on a fully open NAT and most games my team plays like they want me to lose with all same issues described by people here then once In a while I'll have a game where I'll be invincible literally can just walk through opponents defence and they'll all run opposite directions just letting me in, then I can score from any angle and all my passes are crisp and perfect no matter how long I hold or what direction I pass. In a nutshell Fifa is completely and utterly on rails. Most of the time it decides the outcomes of the match and even plays the game for you. Don't believe me? Put down your controller and see your opponent struggle to disposes you, watch as your defensive Ai becomes God like......
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