Dybala and Leao position help

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Hi guys,

I got super lucky and got Leao in my red picks. I also have TOTS Dybala in my squad. As I also have PIM R9 untradable, there is only one striker position left, the other player would have to play on the wing.

The question is: Am I playing Leao oder Dybala at striker? I am dribbling a lot, that’s why I thought Dybala would make more sense centrally.


  • Recoba10
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    I have not tried Leao, but got Dybala red and he is fantastic.
    As he is excellent in tight spaces with perfect finishing, my advice is to keep him as striker.
    I personnaly use him as CAM or ST in 4411 and 352.
  • BeppeSignori
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    Dybala really needs to be central or at the very least, on the RW so you can unleash those gorgeous left foot finesse shots he has in his locker.
  • heapsgood
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    Not sure how much help this will be to you but I faced someone using Leao upfront and he scored 3 against me just couldn’t defend against him
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