Your team before and after tots

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Did it change?
Because mine didn’t. No red player or guaranteed SBC pack worth over 150j so my team is still the same, which is kinda destroying the game for me and is making it boring.

How about you?


  • joehuk
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    Using 2 TOTS.

    Cancelo & Lafont (OP GK for me)

    I did get Nkunku Red but i can't stand the card.. M/M kills it for me.

    other than that its the exact same as it was before TOTS.

    TOTS Cancelo replaced TOTY Cancelo so not a huge change.
  • pes1972
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    Using about 4-6 TOTS player depending on which team i decide to play with
  • greif44x2
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    Mine changed a bit. Red Son and TOTS Militao. The rest is not really a big improvement, more of using different players in different formations.
  • EdgySam
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    Red kounde, Red cancelo, Red Mendes and Red Ben yedder all got into my team. Only player left from before tots is PIM Cruyff and POTM Mbappe
  • madlion
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    Before TOTS

    After TOTS
  • radhoyl
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    I now have 4 teams of equal strengths from all major Leagues except Bundesliga. OK, the Serie A still misses some pieces but will be in good shape by the end of the week.

    Minor League players like Korean CB, Visca, Ito, Sangare, Hamsik or Vanaken were pleasant surprises. Looking forward for MLS and Rotw.
  • alohamars
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  • Barry Allannnn
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    madlion wrote: »
    Before TOTS

    After TOTS

    How can you team downgrade so much after TOTS? :D
  • Diem
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    Only two survive...


    After (all untradeable)
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