Gameplay tonight.

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Surely I’m not the only one. What’s happening to this game.? Very erratic gameplay ball bouncing everywhere and any pass around the box will either be blocked or hit the defenders heel..This is awful.


  • Joka2002
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    Nope same for me, it's never consistent.. come the weekend it will be slow and sluggish again
  • GitGood
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    Maybe they’re having another esport event. Definitely something have been done to this gameplay. It’s like 200mph right now…
  • Hans_Rheinhardt1
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    200mph, no defensive capabilities, players not tracking their assignments...usual garbage.

    Lost 3 out if 3 tonight thanks to the defending being absolutely culled. Forget calling it being has been destroyed and has allowed many players to abuse it.

    Everytime EA says 'Dynamic user defending' is ❤️❤️❤️❤️. We all know it. Bloody armature league, Sunday league and under 7s leagues know that the defending in fifa is embarrassing.

    I don't know who thought that they knew what defending meant...its not this
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    I lost all those cup games in the space of 5 mins against some of the most dreadful players I’ve ever played. Players were all over the place and the ball just seemed to be sucked into my goal with ease
  • Bob_Bobson
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    I'm finding the gameplay very heavy tonight. Trying out a couple of new players and it feels absolutely pointless.
  • Hans_Rheinhardt1
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    Passing was really good for 2 games, then went awol.

    And btw EA if I want to do a power clearance pass, why the AF am I only passing 2 feet in front of me or an opponent who scores directly?

    If I add power to any pass IT HAS TO GO FURTHER THAN MY BOOT LACES. Get this nonsense sorted.
  • Brydobhoy88
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    Gameplay is awful every night.
    The only game in the history of gaming were every time you load up it feels different.
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