Showdown Fabinho or Kante?

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Still rocking red 91 Kante at DM, but his passing annoyed me from the start I've used him.

Is Fabinho way better then Kante or keep fodder?


  • scalaneopt
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    Fabinho for sure. Kante is always cracked... but i would say if not beeing Kante TOTY i would switch that Kante 91 to a Fabinho.
  • mypetfrog
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    I've been umming and ahhing about this one. Think I've decided to do it to pair him with TOTY Kante. Looks decent already but with the potential upgrade he'd be a cracking card. Just finishing off the two objective fodder cards to pile into this.
  • Loco_kniene
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    @scalaneopt yeah sounds about right. Just hard to let that guy out of my starting eleven. He is still very good for me, but Fabinho even without an upgrade looks better indeed.

    @mypetfrog think I will just do him.
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