Love Letter to EA !

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I think its fair to say that EA have really stuck it up paying customers. Especially now its gone on ps plus etc .

I dont care for Ultimate team and buy it for seasons mode mainly and playing with friends .

Why isnt form a option to turn off . Because what you morons have done is narrowed the choices people will pick because of form . So the best teams will be even better and people who like playing with thier favourite teams wont because the game play screws you over . With palm outs ,bounces in favour or against you based on the opposition . Passes that go against you and around you no matter your defensive positioning .

The whole experience playing with weaker teams on this game is just infuriating insulting and down right unfair on your paying customers who wanted a even and fair game . If I could I would return this game for a refund even though ive had it from release as its a broken game that is very detrimental to peoples health . And should be investigated and studied .

What a sad state of affairs it is when the biggest and most loved sport in the world is represented in this way. Disgrace!

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