Tale of 10 games

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First 10 games of champs, absolutely perfect, game was smooth and was enjoying it And getting good wins.

Last 10 games have been absolutely shocking and dire. Passing is an absolute nightmare, Bellingham can’t string 5 yarded passes. Movement off the ball is non existent and I just can’t move it. I’m still winning games but my lord is it a struggle.

I have never known a game to be so inconsistent with gameplay. I don’t care if I’m battered 5-0. I can accept losing to a better opponent which happened on the smooth gameplay but all I want and most can agree is consistent gameplay


  • Mr. Soper
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    Started 8-3. Ended 10-10. Was a shocker
  • Neymar10101
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    Mr. Soper wrote: »
    Started 8-3. Ended 10-10. Was a shocker

    I was 8-2 and it just went all downhill after that
  • joey_uk
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    Started 9-0 which is was my best start, was hoping for 14 wins but ended up going 11-4 and just stopping there. Red picks were trash as usual.
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    It's such a charade. I did better playing drunk against mega teams on Friday night than I did sober against average teams in bad gameplay this morning. I went from 8-4 to 10-10. I was 10-7 then lost my last 3.

    When's it's really bad they just have to pass in to the box then turn and your defender can't move to even cover a simple turn that you've read well in advance. It's so unfair.

  • Kouli06
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    It’s mad sometimes.
    I fully get the ELO thing and playing better players the more you win etc but it doesn’t explain how your team plays worse. Like very noticeably worse.
  • RexAnglo1066
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    I played 2 SB games earlier just to get a boost for tomorrow.

    Anyway, I play on World Class and first game was against 187 rated, lots of good cards.
    I won 5 - 2, and found it easy beating the A.I without a problem.
    My players felt quick, agile, they scored when they should...it was enjoyable.

    Next game I face the weakest team of the four, something like 82 and 35 chem.

    They beat me 5 - 0.

    My players were absolutely useless.
    Every pass, every run, dribble, shot, was awful.
    I could barely string 3 passes together, my GK was useless.

    It truly was horrendous.

    Now, if there's a reasonable explanation I'd like to hear it.
  • number7rocky
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    ELO is it me your looking for
  • PabloSB
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    Every Wl for me is the same. First 10 nice, last 10 nightmare.

  • number7rocky
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    There’s a massive difference between first 10 and second 10 games ( if you start well) last few weekends I’ve gone 10-0 11-0 10-0 before first loss , reached 14/15-1 a couple times just to end 16-3. But once I get to the 10 game mark it becomes much more sweaty/difficult.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve had many games at high elo where suddenly feels like the games not going your way , suddenly hitting the post a lot etc…but I think it’s more to do with you don’t notice/remember as much bs when your winning games easily early on.
  • RexAnglo1066
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    ELO is it me your looking for

    Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
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