The most frustrating ways to concede goals/lose a game on FIFA? (read description)

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Obviously conceding last minute goals when tackling someone 3-4 times is annoying and other stuff like that but I get most frustrated when the opponent isn't aware of the reason that has more than likely cost you a goal or the game. Then on some occasions you get messages from said opponent rubbing it in that you lost when they are oblivious to some of the bizarre reasons why you may have conceded :D So here are some examples.

1. Lag/delay on your end
2. A faulty controller
3. Controller disconnecting
4. Players taking ridiculously heavy first touches unintentionally ( happens to me ALL the time and probably just looks like I'm doing it on purpose) :D
5. TV switching off
6. Kits clashing on your screen so you can't distinguish between teams
7. Icons on the radar being the same colour as the opponent so making it difficult
8. Disconnecting through no fault of your own
9. Finger/thumb slipping off a button at a bad moment :D

They are some ones I could think off the top of my head that have happened to me, anybody else got some funny reasons they have conceded that their opponent would have no clue about? :D


  • leea12345
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    my own stupid errors that i need to learn from, bad decisions on tackles in defense by me
  • RexAnglo1066
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    The only ones that genuinely annoy me are one the goalkeeper should clearly save, but doesn't.
  • Wegonaget
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    Having a striker running towards goal pressing through ball down the middle and it chooses the winger needs the ball
  • Leo_D10S
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    When you read your opponent perfectly, but your players just won't intercept or you don't get the ball when you tackle them
  • Andyrusski
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    Enjoy :)
  • xCDHx
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    Lag, or a dodgy penalty where a defender you are not controlling fouls…
  • BeppeSignori
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    One sided RNG with goalkeepers.

    Prime Schmeichel at one end and Prime Taibi at the other. Makes me rage more than anything. These zero balance games when they occur are ridiculous.
  • R1ckyDaMan19
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    Trying to do a long press ground pass and it trickles 5ft to an opponent, they are the worst oh them and lofted clearances going about 10ft and straight to opponent, both with me holding the power button down a good while.
  • jokeaway
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    offside trap used too often :neutral:
  • leon1309
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    He shoots, my gk doesnt move...and after the ball passes him dives in the wrong way :/


    I attack on the wing and see the no one from my Team goes forward ( and I am on balanced or even attacking mentality).

    Ususally in games when the first happens, so does the second....and I know there is no real point of playing, but I still somehow refuse to RQ. :#
  • bigpokey24
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    Delay and connections
  • Heimokuoma
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    It must be the headers even Kyle Walker would have saved. They slowly float right past/over my keeper and he somehow don’t manage to even get a touch on the ball. They surely are weird and frustrating ’cause if they were shots the keeper would save 10/10 of them.
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