Tots rice

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His he worth upgrading on or better using him as a red pick and using the coins elsewhere?


  • Greg056
    100 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Completely depends on your budget and the rest of your team
  • Tster101
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    If he was 500k you wouldn't ask the question... you're judging based on his price. His one of them best DM's in the game.
  • El_Nino
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    Yeah I have to agree with the above, Rice is absolutely class, I'm really not sure why he's so cheap, by far the best PL CDM bar TOTY Kante, who is still over 2.5mill.
  • Texas6
    957 posts Professional
    Picked him in red last Sunday and he hasn’t miss for me a single game from that moment

    Right now I think that the only pure CDM better than him are TOTY Kante and PIM Vieira, no one other
  • JakeH
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    He is really good as a pure CDM. Such good value.
  • win123vn
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    Using Allan 91 for 200 games and Tots Rice for 40 games (including 10 play-off and 20 games FutChamp, of which I got only rank 5), Rice seems much better defensively than Allan 91
  • Scotmark1986
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    Yeah really liking rice he just seems to do everything really well
  • Ncliverbirds
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    Not to sound like a broken record but since I paired Rice and McGuinn together in essentially a two man midfield they both have been outstanding.
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