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Hi guys, I've started a new thread for FIFA 23 for Stadiums we think should be added to the game in FIFA 24 onwards and for all of the remaining issues with current stadiums in-game that still haven't been addressed. Please keep this thread for realistic requests of Stadiums that should be in FIFA and not for personal wish lists. (Also no point requesting Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga stadiums to be added as they should all be in FIFA 23 onwards due to those leagues having full treatments). Now EA have the UEFA license they really need to start adding Stadiums for all Champions League & Europa League regulars to improve the authenticity. Also, now EA have the Serie A license more stadiums from Italy would be really welcomed..

Can i also please make a special mention of the fact you have gone to great length last year to add the ability to edit your team's stadium in Create Your Club in Career Mode, but haven't added this feature Offline into the Edit Stadium section, where we can only currently choose a Generic Stadium & rename it.. This is a massive fail! This is where we wanted the Edit Stadium feature the most! We needed to be able to Edit Stadiums of other teams BEFORE entering into Career Mode, for immersion purposes. So i request that you please port this new feature into Edit Teams > Stadiums in the Offline menu..

(And please also make it so that when you Download Latest Squads it doesn't overwrite your edited Stadiums!)

General Issues

* Add 3D stairs instead of 2D stairs in ALL stadiums! (Especially on Next-Gen!)
* LED ad boards should be added, where they are in real life.
* Bring back the tunnel view before the game at half time or even after the game.
* Stadium exterior is good but its unrealistic its shown that often. In reality you see the stadiums from a heli-cam only before big and important games.
* Surroundings of the stadium exteriors are mostly 2D which is poor on todays hardware.
* Lighting and shadows in the most stadiums have to be redone since the sun seems to have a wrong position.
* A lot of stadia still look grey and lifeless (upper tiers of the Nou Camp, Wembley etc)
* More stadium screen content (line-up or score and scorer in screen).
* Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes have to be updated or removed as they don't appear in real life stadiums very often and in the game they look really poor.
* Stadiums look small / sense of depth totally missing.
* Railings should not be at the height of the ankles. No excuses for that.
* Large Banners
* Season opening ceremonies
* More realistic night lighting
* Dynamic lighting
* Dynamic weather
* More individual entrance ceremonies.
* Before the game players warming up and tv presenters and reporters on the side-lines
* Players warming up before the game could be a mini game while loading the game.
* Aircraft flyovers (done only in specific countries for special occasions)
* Celebrating Crowds (Realistic! Not jumping all the time but if they do they do it usually all in the same rhythm.
* Players giving autographs to supporters, throwing their shirts into the stands or swapping shirts with opponents.

New Stadiums

Energa Gdańsk (Lechia Gdańsk) (UEFA Europa League Final 2020)
Vodafone Park (Besiktas) (UEFA Super Cup Final 2019)
Estadio Jose Alvalade (Sporting Lisbon)
Estádio Municipal de Braga (Braga)
Stadio San Paulo (Napoli)
Dacia Arena (Udinese)
Stadio Artemio Franchi (Fiorentina)
De Kuip (Feyenoord)
Stade Louis II (Monaco)
Türk Telekom Arena (Galatasaray)
Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium (Fenerbache)
Vodafone Park (Besiktas)
Celtic Park (Celtic)
Ibrox Stadium (Rangers) *
Karaiskakis Stadium (Olympiacos)
Constant Vanden Stock Stadium (Anderlecht) *
Friends Arena (AIK & Sweden)
Stadion Narodowy (Poland) **
Hampden Park (Scotland & Scottish Cup Finals)
Aviva Stadium (Rep. Ireland)
Luzhniki Stadium (Russia) **
Estádio Maracanã (Fluminense, Flamengo & Brazil) *

* Removed from past FIFA game and not re-added.
** EA already have the stadium model ready to include.

Stadium Issues

Old Trafford

* The Adidas Logo is missing on the roof of the East Stand.
* The Adidas logo has to be added on the stadium seats in the East Stand.

* The seating alignments are wrong and wonky, thus the seating lettering "Manchester United" in the North Stand, and "Stretford End" in the West Stand look mis-aligned.
- The seating lettering isn't outlined in black, like in real life.
- The "i" in the Manchester United lettering on the seats has the wrong format.

* There should be a statue of Sir Alex Ferguson outside of the "Sir Alex Ferguson Stand" and decoration on the outside of the stadium.

* On the Glass front of the back of the Alex Ferguson Stand should be two ventilation grills, but in Fifa it's all glass. No Sir Alex Ferguson Lettering mounted outside. Dozens of other details missing or wrong.

Wembley Stadium

* Led ad boards between the stands should be added like in real life
* Bigger led screen as the one in FIFA is way to small
* The adjustable "roof" is usually closed in real life football matches but not in FIFA
* The ad boards behind the side-line should be curved like the stadium and not straight like in FIFA.
* Goal nets are to small and there must be more space behind goal net and ad board
* Crowd still isn't 50/50 in noise and amount.
* Exterior view was there for an intro but isn't shown if you actually play in the stadium.
* Complete re-modelling needed!!

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

* All of the interiors of the corner tunnels should be covered in Tottenham blue
* The big walls where the south stand meets the east and west should also be Tottenham blue.
* The pitch should be elevated with clear slopes like that of Old Trafford.
* The technical area and players tunnel should have 3g turf.
* The shape of electronic pitch side hoardings are incorrect and should continue all around the pitch unlike at other stadiums.
* There should not be a pitch level tunnel at the halfway line in the east stand (in the original plans but not in reality).
* The camera is facing the wrong way! Tottenham have stated that the camera angle will be the same as that at WHL (as in the west stand w player dugouts should be visible, not east stand).. this shall be confirmed vs Palace.
* FIFA needs to add led ribbon boards; even if they can't there is signage in the middle tier where there shouldn't be currently


* The space between the pitch and the stands is to big for side were the dugouts and the players tunnel is placed
* The number and placement of floodlights is totally generic in FIFA
* There are ad boards missing
* The players tunnel has the wrong colour. It should be red with an EMIRATES branding
* The tunnel isn't really placed in the centre of the gate
* The benches should be larger.
* The pavement between the pitch and the stands should have a different colour. Its not red in reality.
* They HSV writing on the seats looks odd. They have a different thickness in the game.

Signal Iduna Park

* Players entrance route is wrong.
* Floodlights are positioned wrong

Veltins Arena

* Home and away benches have switched for this season.
* Goal nets are white and blue in reality.

St. James Park

* The Gap between the stands and the pitch isn't correct

Emirates Stadium

* The print for the 2014&2015 FA Cup Trophy's have to be added
* There's no directors Box in the game
* No seats in the third stand
* wrong positioning of the benches and wrong design of chairs
* The players tunnel is to short during the entrance of the players. It's contracted after the players left the tunnel.
* The handrail on the white concrete wall around the players tunnel should be longer.

Etihad Stadium

* South stand was expanded and some of the decorations have changed
* Bottom-tier seats in Etihad Stadium are also expanded
* North stand screen was moved to south stand.
* LED boards on the 2nd floor
* Etihad has blue LED lighting inside it's roof and boxes for night games.
* Etihad Stadium has now WHITE goal nets.
* Goal posts are white and blue like in this picture.

Selhurst Park

* Entrance scene is correct. But They go to incorrect entrance in half time and full time.

Loftus Road

* Led Scoreboard looks generic


* Led Scoreboard looks generic
* The Anfield Logo on the roof is not in the middle like it should.
* Anfield has now white goal nets.
* The posts behind the goals should be covered with black foam material
* New Led scoreboards need to be added in the game.

Stamford Bridge

* The player entrance route is wrong

KCOM Stadium

* Away section is missing in the game. The away fans should sit in E1, E2, E3,N6 and N7.
* All KCOM Stadium seats are grey in FIFA 16. In real life they are black and white with "Hull" written on them
* The stadium has been rebranded from KC Stadium to KCOM Stadium.

St. Mary's Stadium

* Home and Away Benches are switched.

Goodison Park

* Should have white Goal nets instead of blue.
* No players warming up in FIFA 17 like they do in other stadiums.

Riverside Stadium

* The benches are totally wrong

London Stadium

* The ad boards have the wrong positions.

Stadium of Light

* The sun-bleached former red and now pink seats have been replaced or are still being replaced.
* The lights on the roof are placed totally generic in the game.
* The ceiling doesn't look like the real one.

Parc de Princes

* Gap between the pitch and ad boards needs to be fixed
* LED boards are too far from the net and have to be longer (until the corner flag)
* LED boards on the 2nd floor are missing.
* Not enough lights on the roof/ or not all of them switched on :
* In front of the players entrance should be some sort of a curtain.


* New Led screens were added
* Writings on the hoarding are not included in fifa.

Stadio Olimpico

* The Track around the pitch should be green
* The Area behind the track and the position of the benches has to be redone.
* The position of the ad boards has to be redone. The corners of the pitch should be closed with ad boards.
* 2nd row of led ad boards is missing in fifa.
* Seating structure and colour doesn't reflect the original one.

San Siro

* 2nd row of led ad board is needed like Britannia Stadium.

Centurylink Field

* Hoarding and Seat colours is navy in real life.
* LED board, some decorations are needed.
* Player entrance route is wrong.

Estadio Azteca

* Seat color is too pale in FIFA.
* New LED Screen and LED board are added.

Johan Cruyff Arena

* In FIFA the main stand has wrong colours in some areas, wrong graphics and other incorrect details.
* Home and Away Team sit on wrong benches.
* Managers stay outside of the box.
* The painted Ajax Logo should be placed inside the Managers box.
* Entrance area needs an update.
* The gate in the corner is never fully closed in real life but in FIFA it is.
* Wrong placed stairs
* Glass walls in front of the away fan area looks wrong.
* On the roof should be a red banner.
* Goal nets should be red/white
* New seats are/will be installed at the Arena that leads into a new design.
* They have added banners un every corner of the stadium.
* They have also adjusted the stairs on the south side only. This is because of the safe standing seats.
* They have expanded the south side with extra seats in the moat

Edit Stadiums

Currently, we can edit a generic stadiums name, but why not take it one step further to try and bridge the gap between licensed / generic stadiums? What about seating colour? Hoarding colour? Goal net type, pattern & colour? Pitch pattern? We want full control over the look of stadiums..

This is how I expect Edit Stadiums to look:

* Rename: Nou Camp
* Seating Colour: Red etc.
* Goal Net Type: Rectangle, Triangle, Deep (Wembley, Bernabeu etc.)
* Goal Net Pattern: Plain, Stripes, Chequered etc.
- Colour 1: White
- Colour 2: Red
* Pitch Pattern: Large Horizontal etc.
* Hoarding Colour:
- Tier 1: Blue
- Tier 2: Red

Or go one step further and port over the following stadium creator/editor (to FIFA 20) that was in FIFA Manager 12:

Noticed something that we have missed? Then share it with us and i will update it into the OP so we have everything collected at one point..

P.S. Please rebuild everything accurately on Next-Gen consoles!!

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