Best PL CB pairing

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Now that the Prem TOTS is out what is the best PL centre back pairing?

TOTS Laporte and Dias?


  • heapsgood
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    Still varane for me
  • bigpokey24
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    I use none . Slap a shadow on your CBS and you are set..

    I use gold Varane and 90 Rudiger.
  • SwanseaTom
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    Captains mings and flashback gomez.
  • leea12345
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    i using tots Laporte and vvd seems ok so far
  • CraigTaaylor
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    Anyone use fantasy Stones? Been torn between him and Mings to pair TOTS Dias
  • idloveit
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    3-5-2 for me with Varane, TOTS VVD and TOTS Dias.

    Loving it so far.
  • madlion
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    FB Varane & TOTY Dias
  • Neil_14
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    madlion wrote: »
    FB Varane & TOTY Dias

    I have been rocking this since TOTY and couldn't fault it. After finishing WL I got TOTS VVD red. Feel like I have to force him in but refuse to drop Varane and Dias so I'm trying out 3 CBs, so far so good but I still think I prefer the original CBs over VVD. Time will tell, still early days.
  • R1ckyDaMan19
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    I'm using showdown laporte and flashback Gomez.
  • Scottybtech
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    madlion wrote: »
    FB Varane & TOTY Dias

  • PaulDr
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    Still trying to get gomez to work, but it's not happening.
  • broxigaz
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    madlion wrote: »
    FB Varane & TOTY Dias

    Go home lads it's already been sorted.
  • Ballerson
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    Varane & Rudiger can have dominant games where it all clicks, other times I see ops same cb or w Gomez and my eusebio or mbappe can’t get by them even when they are turned and beaten. There is literally no way an op can move his cb one direction while I use mbappe or Eusebio and get a step or two & they recover…. These sequences usually happen in bunches, during a series in a row of gameplay….

    There are times this game & they way it plays makes no sense….

    I see every one saying their favorite cbs are dudes w 86 pace but you guys must be using 20 depth drop back w these pace cbs as I just don’t see how you can catch all the pace out there like origi or you name it….
  • Kman
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    Varane Gomez…literally auto-defence.
  • Bob_Bobson
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    Not much love for Van Dijk here
  • Biged808
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    Fb Varane and Gomez, Gomez easily keeps tots Laporte and hm rudiger out
  • TOTS Van Dijk and TOTY Dias for me.
  • killer xavi
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    Dias Rudiger

    I got Red VVD but not sold at all tbh
  • Nickthegreek20
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    Bob_Bobson wrote: »
    Not much love for Van Dijk here

    Got him in Reds and he’s been very, very solid for me
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    madlion wrote: »
    FB Varane & TOTY Dias

    Nothings compares to this
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I've been using fb varane and 86 tomiyasu for a while now. I got tots dias in 84x25 pack, but still don't think he will replace either.
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