Is it me or is dele alli awful ?

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Really can’t get on with him, feels slow & quite heavy at times. Played as a cam & box to box just can’t him to work. Anyone else ?


  • Tboon
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    Most reviews are only positive... isn't it bad gameplay (servers)?
  • Ballerson
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    He’s unimpressive when I’ve played versus him…
  • Scottybtech
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    Tboon wrote: »
    Most reviews are only positive... isn't it bad gameplay (servers)?

    Possibly mate, gameplay has been pretty bad this weekend tbf
  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    I saw alot of good reviews and people on here saying hes really good, thought i'd do him and give him a go and he just feels awful, he jockeys insanely slow for some reason, not sure if its because of his body type or what not but i'm not impressed after a couple games

    Will pick it back up another day and see if it improves but otherwise he might be chopped into the next available sbc
  • AjaxLegends
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    Put Rice and Curtis Jones into him. Not sure if that was smart. He is indeed nothing special but not bad either. I use him as the defensive CM in a 442 next to Xavi though.
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Play him as a striker with hawk he man's great runs and shoting is top notch. He doesn't seem like a cm to me when all he's shooting can be easily maxed. His high defending just helps get the ball back if you press with him and then turns into easy goals
  • RuddyElmate2022
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    He started out slow for me also.
    Put a shadow on him at CAM and no looking back.
    He’s excellent.
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