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Got him & Bruno on my reds,is anyone using Jota ?


  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    I love him. He just won me the game in the new friendlies. Really quick.
  • Kouli06
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    edited May 7
    Yes and I really like him tbf.
    Packed him untradeable.

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    got him untradeable last night

    he has a decent goals to game ratio for me but I don't really rate him, using him alongside TOTS Raspadori who I rate more, which is weird- Jota feels like a generic player. Don't like the workrates either even with instructions.
  • smcali23
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    He’s great. Bangs in goals for fun. Really pleasantly surprised by him.
  • CC84COV
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    4 games feels how I expected WBY to feel proper finisher
  • Burchy
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    Got him untradeable and used him at ST this weekend league.

    I probably wouldn’t use him again. Didn’t really think much of him.
  • Jordonp
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    Nothing special!
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