Long WLs?

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Saw a message yesterday in-game saying the WLs will start later on Friday but will be longer (until Tuesday or Wednesday), but I can't see that announcement anywhere. It was one of the changes for the TOTS WLs...
So is this WL the first long one, or the next one will be?


  • DafuqJustHappen
    386 posts Sunday League Hero
    From other threads I can see it's starting with this one. Now the question is, where can we see the announcement, and how long is it going to be?
  • EdgySam
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    All WL will be like this due to them having to be after 6pm on Friday for the tots reveal of that week. Looks like it goes until Wednesday 8am UK
  • nufcMarcus1984
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    nooooooo I hate this. I have all day Friday to play because I work nights and stay awake on the Fridays.
  • DafuqJustHappen
    386 posts Sunday League Hero
    Cool, annoying that I can't see the announcement on the official website. Would it be on twitter?
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