Ligue 1 Icon swaps crossing. Help needed!

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I have yet to start this swap objective and it is the last one i have left but the crossing objective is concerning me as it probably is for most.

I am going to be using Fut fantasy Simon on the left wing and TOTY Messi (Loan) on the right but i know this objective is going to cause me serious grief as crossing on this game, no matter who you use, is terrible.

I have even tried to play a few practice games in SBs on the easier levels to try out different types of crosses and all that but they are still hit or miss.

Anybody have any luck and any tips to help a guy out?


  • McFandan
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    Just cut inside with Simon/Messi and square it by double tapping cross (it’s just like a normal hard low pass).
    The through ball/finesse shenanigans in the Serie A swaps was way worse for me
  • Safckje
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    The main problem is that people know you need to cross so they look to negate that. Play how you normally would and just do low crosses for an easy volley if it’s on.
  • rikstar
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    I guess i will try this. Thanks guys.
  • Hammer87
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    I always prefer to have a left footer on the left and right footer on the right for crossing as I find I’m able to get better crosses in that way rather than cutting inside or using weaker foot. I try & work the space down the wing by passing & moving then when I’m just past the 18 yard box aim towards the penalty spot or far post
  • Delboy13710
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    Scored 2 crosses none registered , take it crosses inside the penalty area don't count ?
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