If you average 9 wins in wl where you stoping this week?

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With 9 wins only being one red from community it seems stupid to play to 9 wins when 5 gives you 2 picks. Only 3 players leaked are over 90 rated for community. So better off taking 2 red at 5wins


  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    If you can't get to 14 wins or higher then you are actually better off stopping at 5 this week because of the 2 picks instead of 1 imo
  • Kouli06
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    100% stopping at 5 wins no question.
    I usually finish on 9 no matter how hard I try anyway.
    Only managed 10 wins once and completely bolted my last game for 11. No chance I’ll get to 14 😂
  • greif44x2
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    I usually finish at 11 with 4-6 spare games that I gift so don't see any issues getting two reds from Community TOTS. Finished at 14 twice recently but that was sweaty. I'll try to get 14 this week too just to see how it goes.
  • Bob_Bobson
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    Probably 5 here. I know I can hit 11 easy enough and have a chance at 14 if I sweat it but not going down that path.
  • broxigaz
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    I will go for as many wins as possible because I'm an idiot, I'm really only after fodder 😬
  • TW1103
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    I'm gonna just get what I get, purely for the Swap token 🤣
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