Anyone got any tactics to try?

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I'm mega bored at the moment using the 352 so I'm just looking to try something different, anyone got anything?


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    41212 wide
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    4-2-4 @Grahammbe2 what you think m8
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    Dribble round in circles a lot, wiggling the right stick randomly as you do.
  • fussydutchman
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    I've liked this a lot better than the 352.

    Pressure on heavy touch
    Width 55
    Depth 50

    Direct passing
    Width 60
    PIB 4
    Corners 1
    Free kicks 1

    Both STs: GiB, Stay Forward
    CAM: Stay forward, GITBFC,
    LM/RM: Come back on defense
    CMs: Stay back, Stay on edge, Cover wing
    LCB/RCB: Overlap, Step up
    CB: Stay back
    GK: Comes for crosses, sweeper keeper

    The Step Up instruction for the LCB and RCB is pretty aggressive, but I like it.

    I believe this setup is from AirJapes.

    I'm in Div 1, 12-14 wins in WL, if that matters.
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    3421, I posted my tactics in the non meta thread last week.

    Much prefer that to 352.
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