What did next gem bring us?

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Seriously, I started this game on next gen last month and was super excited.

But seriously, it’s just a remake of the last 3 Fifa? No really improvements on graphics, gameplay is the same as every year, etc..

So why are other companies and game producers capable of really using the technical capacities of next gen, while EA can’t?


  • False_Nine
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    They’ve got that nice slanted font on the menus at least… Besides, don’t FIFA’s issues mostly have to do with the Frostbite engine? Maybe making the move to Unreal would take the game to the next level on next gen.
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Next gen offers more AI defending and auto stop back that's about it
  • Davy001
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    Basically it has better graphics, but the main problem is still there - delays in controls due to poor servers
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