Best (cheap) CB duo?

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Rebuilt my team and am only missing the CB positions.

I can use anyone, as long as they strong link each other. Premier league CBS wouldn’t need a strong link.

So who are the best Duos you guys used?

Preferably cheap. Don’t want to spend a ton when I’m gonna get a million tots CBS in my reds soon


  • ml1dch
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    Depends how cheap. 87 Ndicka is still one of the best I've used, him and OTW Upamecano would set you back 150k or so and would be good

    Hincapie and 86 Tapsoba would cost a bit less and probably be well-matched.

    If you want really cheap, gold Kimpembe and Marquinos.
  • greif44x2
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    You didn't provide the definition of cheap.
    Fantasy Vertonghen + Lucas Verissimo? That's like 45k for both, both look like solid CBs
  • RA22Y
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    VVD and future stars Tomiyasu
  • Team Sam
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    RA22Y wrote: »
    VVD and future stars Tomiyasu

    Not a strong link
  • Team Sam
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    I found Mid Vidic to be incredible and he's discard price.

    An icon might make the pairing more flexible?

    Cannavaro is pretty cheap if not.
  • xCDHx
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    Get that new Mings + 1 orher
  • broxigaz
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    Rb rudiger and nif varane.
  • SuperJames9005
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    FUT Hincapie and UCL Hernandez are ridiculously good. I am 2k+ SR and within 1% of Elite on XBOX and these duo are not good for cheap, they are actually the best defenders I can find, maybe except TOTY Marquinhos but I don't use non-fresh cards anyways.
  • Team Sam
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    Team Sam wrote: »
    RA22Y wrote: »
    VVD and future stars Tomiyasu

    Not a strong link

    Sorry, I can't read. Missed the prem part!
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