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So, I'm curious if there's a reason for this; it's happened to me several times. I was just building out some 81+ SBCs by using up some of the duplicates in my unassigned list. So I finally run out and I have ~3 spaces left to fill. I go in and select "gold" + "low-to-high" and click "build". I take a quick glance and everything looks good, then as I'm clicking "okay" to the conformation box I realize I missed 90 2IF Navas at GK.

Really, this is 100% my fault for moving too fast, and its only ~50k so it's not a huge deal. Doesn't bother me. Nonetheless, WHY does this happen? Is there a reason outside of EA's incompetence? Because it will randomly happen to me pretty frequently. Like the filter will just randomly insert some IF that 100% has like 100 cards ahead of it in low-to-high order, and all of the other cards it filters into the SBC are correct. I really don't get it.

EDIT: So, the 81+ turned into Captain Payet...I got lucky and ended up more than doubling the value of that card. First actually decent pull from one of these.
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