Captain Fantastic -Rewards

49 posts Park Captain
20 Goals= PP 80x3
8 Games with goal=PP 80x3
5 crosses assist=PP 80x3

Done=PP 84x3


  • broxigaz
    2299 posts Fans' Favourite
    82 as my first pick 🤣
  • broxigaz
    2299 posts Fans' Favourite
    2nd 84 werner
  • broxigaz
    2299 posts Fans' Favourite
    82 and 85 jorginho to finish
  • TVP161
    83 posts Park Captain
    Trash, Trash and Kroos, i can live with that.
    And there was finally some fun in FUT for ages playing with the Pro camera position :)
  • Dutch3723
    2023 posts Fans' Favourite
    That was horrible. I really hope EA don’t do that again, I’ll take any team requirements going over that camera! Felt like vertigo at times for 84/85/85/86 rewards! 😂
  • Kouli06
    4156 posts National Call-Up
    That was absolutely awful.
    Absolutely no one asked for the locked camera angle.
    Worth it for the fodder I suppose.

  • Retro1989
    7574 posts League Winner

    From my PP's. Was it worth the headache that mode gave me with a horrible camera? No.
  • Anyone’s crosses not counting?
  • I SiR MartY I
    15819 posts World Class
    Captain Coleman
  • Bobo23
    5455 posts Big Money Move
    The thing is, that camera is so broken. It swings around horribly and let's not even mention corner kicks. My god!
  • PaulDr
    3936 posts National Call-Up
    Should nit have bothered no player over 84
  • Stopek
    49 posts Park Captain
    1)Isco 82
    2)Lenglet 82
    3)Ziyech 84
    4)Trent 87

    Not good,not bad.

  • alec_ms
    25 posts Last Pick at the Park
    lol just do instead some 81+ pps?? worst objective ever
  • shepj6
    1750 posts Play-Off Hero
    edited April 19
    Played a couple of games yesterday, won't be playing any more, the way the camera sweeps around sometimes, such as after corners / throw ins is horrible. I guess it's perhaps a case of persevering and getting used to it (never played pro career mode so not used the camera before).
  • McFandan
    2085 posts Fans' Favourite
    88 Barella
    86 Stones
    87 Dias
    83 Kovacic

    Wish I’d realised the pause thing earlier. Played 5 with that stupid camera, although if you change all the sliders to zero it’s a bit more bearable and less like you’re on a boat.
  • Double_D
    1021 posts Professional
    I got Tadic twice, IF Pickford and an 82. Solid rewards but I feel like they just baited me into emptying my club again for another moments pack from which I got Okocha from. So at the end of the day I'm still in the red lol
  • SpiderMonkeybpg
    3559 posts National Call-Up
    Done one so far not bad. xek2a3am9dcb.jpeg
  • Ballerson
    1614 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got 84 x 2 and 85.

    Cheap hass company tbh…joke.
  • GitGood
    789 posts Semi-Pro
    Best camera angle EA, fantastic idea..The skillers are struggling because it feels like real football.😁😁
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