Tried playing WL for the first time in a month or so

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Been playing a single rivals match every now and then after getting completely fed up with the horrible input lag experience this game delivers. Managed to get atleast somewhat playable experience this week, so decided to give WL a go.

Result so far: Disgusting, simply disgusting. Cant turn, cant pass, cant shoot and cant defend. Input lag ruins it all. Got so angry that I have to meditate to find my inner peace again, its in crumbles after dealing with this atrocity of an experience.

This game would be fun if there was no input lag. Now at this state it really seems all the Fifas that have been released within the past 5 years have been all worse than the previous when it comes to the input lag. How come a company be so incompetent, that they actually downgrade their product along the years? I remember Fifas 10 years ago, and they did not suffer from input lag as much as the current ones. Not even near. It was actually mostly playable.

Sad to say that since its tots soon this game is a failure, an utter broken failure. All thanks to input lag.


  • leea12345
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    sorry to say it won't get any better in the future, we have to just accept it for what it is or walk away. Its more of a card collection game for a lot now. shiny cards first then gameplay seems the priority, which is just bizarre
  • Fifapayne
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    Question: Everyone has input delay? Or is it only when we lose most games?

    I only get input delay if I’m playing someone from Mexico/South America.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    For me playoffs were a mess today(still somehow managed 4-1),,but played one final game n it was way smoother
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