TOTY Donnarumma

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Absolute garbage.

What is the point in having a 96 rated goalkeeper when Unai Simon is better.


  • Chill
    841 posts Semi-Pro
    Found the same, for about 10 games and nearly dropped him. Swapped his chem to Cat and he's been as solid as keeper can be in fifa 22, for over 500 games. Mid Yashin became SBC fodder after trying them both out for a good amount of games to see who's best.

    Give it a go, nothing to lose
  • JakeH
    4565 posts National Call-Up
    Yeah solid for me too.
  • Walter Weights
    60 posts Park Captain
    He made so many howlers that other keepers don’t in the first few games I sold him. Very strange
  • xCDHx
    1620 posts Play-Off Hero
    He started worse than the nif but lately plays amazing for me.
  • Hann4y
    1210 posts Professional
    Been the best keeper I've used by a long way.
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