what goalies do you feel like make a difference

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for me i can’t seem to find anyone


  • xCDHx
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    TOTY Donnarumma
  • leon1309
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    Handa captain has been very good so far.
  • number5
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    Courtious and Donnarumma. Tots Mendy. Never when I have them but when my opp has them they’re crazy. Just today, had them both make 15-20 saves in a few different games.
  • aceofknaves73
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    I've had nif ederson since the start. I really like him.
  • JGDC74
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    I had been using mid Casillas since getting him in Icon Swaps. He’s not perfect but I ‘trusted’ him.
    After getting TOTS De Gea I used him instead. He’s had some good games, but he’s had many more bad games than Casillas. I just don’t trust him anymore.
    So mid Casillas has been recalled. And I’m planning to do the SBC to get his PIM version.
  • Cbn
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    UEL Trapp
  • mapeh
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    edited June 8
    NIF Lloris for the first 3 or 4 month
    sold him after that because i got one untradeable and the new one was ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    GK's are so weird

    edit: wrong year lol
  • player
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  • Argentus
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    Allison makes some incredible diving saves for me and with the speed can snuff out attacks.
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