PC Controller issue on online game

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Hi Guys,

I am XBox One player but I also started to play on PC. However, I have a recent and continuous issue with Fifa PC version, where I play a game, no problem, however, next game, I can navigate in menu of the game, but the controller becomes disabled and switch to keyboard strangely, so It ruins my game, the controller is able to call for timeout in online game but not command my team, non of the buttons respond.... So, it ruins my gaming when happens in the middle of the game... So, I have lost like 7 of my last games, I restart the game, then after a game, it happens.. Have anyone experienced such thing?

I am really dissappointed due to some cheater issues and with this issue and consider to delete the game so if I cannot enjoy it why would I try to play? there are other games out there - staying away from EA games eventually.
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