352 RM glitch?

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Why does my RM insist on playing in the middle and does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks :)


  • Jmoz16
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    It depends on which player instructions you have set. For example in a 352 formation if you have your RM set to come back on defence and your CAM on balanced then your CAM will occupy the RM spot in defence. If you set your CAM to 'stay forward' in this situation then he won't occupy that RM spot, he'll stay in his CAM positions. It only happens in 3 at the back formations and its rather annoying really.

    Play about with the 'come back on defence' options for different players and you'll notice others occupying their position in defence
  • player
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    In 451 the Cam's playing Lm and RM and vice versa.🤷
  • abhreebhu_45
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    To counter this,,keep CDMs cover center,,I noticed it too,when CDMs are on balanced(cover wing) one of wide midfielders tend to drift in
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