Bellingham role: CDM or CM?

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Hi guys, I was thinking to change my team and after various reviews I would like to buy Bellingham, but I have a question, playing 41212 he is more influential as CDM or CM?

Because probably he is more suited as CM but I read a lot of reviews that his defensive presence is immense, so I was debating where to play him.. any advise?


  • heapsgood
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    He’s good box to box mate I’ve got him on the wing in a 352 he’s great there

    You want him bombing up and down the pitch don’t restrict him to a purely defensive role
  • Scottybtech
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    He’s brilliant in both positions cant go wrong with either tbh
  • ha032742
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  • otutsarTR
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    CM, fills all the gaps anyway, he would cover for cdm if he is out of position.

    Centrally i am using caliguiri, on both sides, jude and jorginho
  • Farley
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    I play him CM in a 442 and he’s great there as he offers something in all areas of the pitch so I’d say CM rather than CDM
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