We need VAR 🖥️

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Had this happen to me in one league. As if the ball being inside the net isn't enough, you gotta love how the keeper reverse-belly slides out of the net. Anyone seen something like this before?



  • FergiesTimepiece
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    Seen a player fly up into the stratosphere, crashlanding about 10 seconds later.

    He had a minor injury.
  • Chavez76
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    No goal, clearly
  • A5B
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    Chavez76 wrote: »
    No goal, clearly

    I hear there's an opening to be a premier league ref next season ;)
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Same thing happened with me yesterday
  • Hades
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    That stuffs broken yeah. That slide of the GK btw, that's something EA put in to prevent goalies being pushed/falling in the net with the ball resulting in goals. Happens quite alot if you look for it, weird physics while otherwise he would be flat on his 4ss.
  • BeppeSignori
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    We need competent developers 🤣
  • A5B
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    We need competent developers 🤣

    Now THAT is a FUT Fantasy
  • McFandan
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    The real question here is why is that guy down 1-0 and down to 10 men and not doing GG??
  • CK4795
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    tbh VAR would be so much fun to have.
    Imagine you are playing with your friends and theres a scene where the VAR has to interfere and you discuss and make a bet on the decision etc. Would also make the game less predictable. Allowing the virtual referees to also make mistakes which than can be corrected by the var. Online you can still skip the whole process. But offline at kick off i imagine it would add so much fun while playing with friends.
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