Mid vieira or toty hakimi

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For a cdm in a 4231, next to tonali. Really want Vieira but I’m wondering if that would be too defensive so would hakimi be a better pick?


  • abhreebhu_45
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    That's a real odd choice there

    Imo Vieira needs to be a lone cdm
  • Barry Allannnn
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    Dani Alves over Hakimi if you want a CDM.
  • Markman007
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    Save your coins and try Caligiuri. Worst case you’ll have a super sub who will prob get a +2 upgrade.
  • Metalfly
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    You don’t want Vieira next to Tonali, they are both M/H and better at being a stayback CDM, Vieira is the best defensive CDM in the game but you don’t want him to be b2b, his dribbling and shooting aren’t good enough for that.

    For b2b you should be looking at someone like RTTF Renato or Fantasy Paqueta, Hakimi works well too but he’s better out wide as a winger or wingback. But if you have to pick between the two then Hakimi over Vieira next to Tonali.
  • SuperJames9005
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    You only need 1 CDM if you use Vieira.
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