Flashback Paqueta vs Birthday Paqueta

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Anyone used them both? Is he worth the coinage as seems very expensive. The flashback paqueta is fantastic for me but tempted by the new one…


  • madlion
    3289 posts National Call-Up
    The other is 5/5 and +2/3s

    worth it imo
  • Thefranchise92
    9767 posts Has That Special Something
    Well the fat your comparing the sbc to the FB means you have the sbc. Are you willing to pay 700k for an inform upgrade with 2 more weakfoot?
  • Jonboyparker
    7569 posts League Winner
    edited March 2022
    The FB is awesome but save your coins. It’s just 1 upgraded card and you already have the other untradable. The outlay of 700k isn’t going to make the world of difference to your team. Spend it elsewhere. It’s not a 700k game changer
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