My Account Has to Blacklisted or Something

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I posted a thread earlier in the week asking about pack luck, I haven’t gotten a player worth more than 200k (NIF Son) all year. Yet I play most WLs, Rivals, SBCs, etc. I hate to admit but I’ve bought a few packs here or there, and yet still never anything. In WL I’m playing against stacked 5-10M+ Teams. I’m not asking to pack Pele but I’d be nice if I can at least pack someone worth 100k.


  • False_Nine
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    Do you do a lot of upgrade packs? I find EA tends to be a bit more generous with the pack weight when they know you won’t be able to make any coins from it.
  • Mr. Soper
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    I have a pretty good team. Have packed some nice cards. Nice I moved to next gen. My pack luck has been horrible.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Quite possible,,just don't open packs for a week or two
  • vsK17
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    There is a theory that this “blacklist” or however people want to call it is only for players that have their accounts for several years now and haven’t spend any money on fifa points.

    Back in my first years, fut 17-19, I had decent pulls from packs. Like Messi, CR7, Neymar but not from the beggining of the game when their price was high, but when they were still a good few hundred thousands of coins(2-400K). Also, during each promo, I received at least one of the players from each promo (not the best, only the middles ones or below). And icons… 3-4 icons per year (also low rated icons, that are rarely used).
    In comparison, these last 2 years, after about 6 years of not buying any fifa points, I pack mostly garbage. Haven’t packed any of the top 5 NIFs (and it’s almost April), from promo packs I pack only the lowest rated ones that cost 10-15K and icons I packed are low rated and untradeable. Not to say that from Ultimate Packs I usually get 1 x 85-86 card, 3-5 x 83s and the rest is junk.

    Why I say this? Because I have friends that bought fifa points and got a lot of high rated cards (Mbappe, Messi, etc) from the beggining of the game and also have good pulls during promos. And pther friends that are in their first years with FUT and have better pulls than I have, even though I do a lot more SBCs and open more packs than them.
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    From 2 accounts doing the 81 x25 and 82 x25 not 1 card over 84 had old account 6 years not one 50k card but on a fresh account maybe 2 months old pulled 6 players worth 450k or more deffo not a mypth, do they give better pulls to newer accounts to go ohhh look what I got maybe if I load up some fps I'll keep getting cards like that
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