No More Offsides?

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120th minute goal…


  • Jdizzle
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    Camera angle?
  • AngryHawk
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    Who kept him on?
  • FarPostGhost
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    Camera angle/perspective?

    Look at how the half way line is straight but the 18 yard line is angled. I bet the defender on the far side is playing him onside.

    Could be wrong though.
  • Fifapayne
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    The other CB has him on
  • enKage
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    Who cares if it is offside or not, the real problem is whistling offsides after too much time or too early, when a different player is going for the ball, while offsided moving back
  • RuddyElmate2022
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    He’s on. VAR would confirm this lol
  • Miigue
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    7-7? lol
  • Neil_14
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    Offsides aren't a problem, it's fouls and penalty decisions or lack of that are the real issue.
  • RuddyElmate2022
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    Neil_14 wrote: »
    Offsides aren't a problem, it's fouls and penalty decisions or lack of that are the real issue.

    Penalties a million percent.
  • shepj6
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    As others say might be camera angle, very similar jota’s goal yesterday when he looked clearly off side from a similar angle but when seeing the angle with the lines drawn was just on.
  • AngryHawk
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    ElHuron94 wrote: »
    Your screen shows the 100th Minute but I guess 120th makes it sound worse

    It’s actually a known glitch because in the scoreboard graphic they only included room for 4 numbers. Go look at any replay in the 100+ minute
  • dinbaba
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    He is onside?
  • Chavez76
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    impossible to see from this angle. I would think he can be on due to the second CB as many people are saying
  • Oliver Powell
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    Looks onside to me
  • Ballerson
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    Looks off but the angle could have the other cb playing him on.

    What’s funny & irritating is when the refs call offsides when your player doesn’t even touch the ball…

    It doesn’t really matter as ea has never actually posted the rules of the game they enforce so ea just makes calls — sometimes its a foul, sometimes its offsides, no posted rules means ea does what it wants when it wants.
  • dinbaba
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    edited March 2022
    I doubt this is a serious thread because you can easy choose the specific player in the replay and actually make a better angel to see if he really is on/offside. This is probably the worst angle you could get.
  • Goodgod10
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    At least it was against Chelsea
  • GitGood
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    Offside is the least of their problems. The game doesn’t even recognise fouls and back passes.
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