PIM Keane honest review

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Little review on a player no-one speak about:

Was looking for a stay back CDM, to play alone in 41212 or a defensive CDM next to TOTY KDB in 4231

Last months I played in that position: FB Kante, Prime Makelele, gold Kante

Now I was looking someone with a similar defensive presence, but a decent passing game, looking for various options I found PIM Keane, the face stats seemed to declare him usable and so I bought him for about 550k

PACE: 5/10 even with a shadow he doesn’t feel a quick player, low acceleration ruins him on this point, so no way you can catch someone with him

SHOT: I didn’t try a single shot, so I don’t know

PASSING 6,5: he can do very well the job with short and simply passes, but don’t try nothing complicate with because it will be a pass to your opponent

DRIBLING: 6 he is usable, not clunky, but not nimble to, he simply can do the job for a CDM

DEFENSE: 7 here is his biggest issue: I was expecting him to be more more better here, he is nowhere near Kante or Makelele in terms of autoblocks or defensive animations.
He do his job well when he front a player with the ball, but off the ball he is underwhelming

PHYSICAL: 8 for sure his best area: excellent aggression, and being taller than Makelele or Kante here you can find more phisicality, even if we are nowhere near the presence of Vieira or Fofana for example

Final judgement: after 10 WL games I sold him, he is decent but doesn’t absolutely worth 550 k at this stage of the game
Try him if you loved him IRL or if you want an United Team, in the other cases you can find multiple better options with less coins
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