FUT Fantasy?

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What the hell is that?


  • Metalfly
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    Basically a short term OTW promo, like a fantasy football pick, the cards will get upgraded in they do any of the following in real life.

    * Play 3 times out of the next 5 matches (not sure if they have to start or can come off the bench)
    * Win 1 out of next 5 matches
    * For attackers and midfielders, either score or assist once in the next 5 matches; for defenders it’s keeping one clean sheet in 5 matches.

    A potential total of +3 to their OVR.
  • CK4795
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    that sain Maxim and Nani card are gonna be so OP if they get all 3 upgrades.
    Was aiming to buy Base R9 but with all these overpowered cards i fear he is behind the power curve by now.
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