HL Barella?

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Im looking for a new lone cdm to my team (41212 2) for max 300k on xbox and Barella looks awesome but I havent tried him yet in fifa. Your thoughts on him as a lone cdm? Thankful for tips on other cdm within my budget. Links is no problem.


  • A5B
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    He is good, that's exactly where I play him. I don't think he's necessarily worth 300k, but I do like him. Great aggression and interceptions, he's a bulldog. Sometimes can find him wandering upfield due to his WRs, and he's not the strongest.
  • Texas6
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    Great as B2B CM, as lone CDM I can’t see him, with that WR he can’t play that position
  • Kaptentegel
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    After some thinking, Caqueret fs is my choice. Only need to replace HM Kounde with Cordoba for chem reason.
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