PIM visual issues

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I know, I know - it's a minor issue compared to a lot of the game, but it's still annoying me.

Anyone else notice any issues with player models/boots/dynamic images? I have 3 and all 3 have issues.

Del Piero - bio says 97/98 so mid player model being used is correct, but the dynamic image is from 07/08 and he doesn't have Predators bothe the mid and prime had Predators on so why not the PIM?

Baggio - bio says 04, dynamic image is circa 94, mid model used (1990 era) when the base model is literally from the end of his career

Pirlo - 2013 beard is correct so why then use a pic from around 10 years earlier?

As I said, I know this is minor, but for a guy who's a boot nerd and got players that he's sentimental over, the little things matter. 🙂


  • BeppeSignori
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    This really needs fixing. PIM Cannavaro has hair despite his dynamic image being of him bald at World Cup 06.
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