Mind Numbing

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Is there anything more mind numbing than a boss enemy simply being the same as the last but is a serious bullet sponge?

I'm glad I asked because yes, yes there is...

I am fed up of all the hype when earning an objective when all I am getting is some low XP. I DON'T WANT NOTIFICATION OFF THAT!!! Just add it on ffs! It's not an achievement!
WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT 50 hp??? Just give me the option to add it without seeing it!

How about getting all the razzmatazz of a big player signing when it's only for a it's a Tifo??? I am never interested in ANY tifo whatsoever. I wish they'd stop putting them into objectives/milestones/season progress! It's NOT an achievement it's an annoyance. It's an untradeable gift that you can't even sell on.

Oh and look at all the untradable stuff you have to put up with because EA want you to spend money on packs! There is no reason for untradeables other than MONEY FOR EA!

All this after an UT easy win too. Just imagine if I'd lost? ;)

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