What is the "Ultimate Team"

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What would your Ultimate Team be from all currently available players? Coins not an issue, but try and keep chem high. Moments are available tonight, so feel free to include them.

I play a 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow so I'd go with something like this if coins weren't an issue.

GK: Moments Yashin

RB: TOTY Hakimi
LB: TOTY Cancelo
CB: Moments Maldini
CB: TOTY Marquinhos

CDM: Moments Vieira
RCM: Moments Gullit
LCM: Moments Zidane
CAM: Moments Cruyff or Eusebio

ST: Moments R9
ST: TOTY Mbappe


  • Metalfly
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    TOTY Kante over Zidane, M/M workrate crippled that card.

    CAM I would go with Pele or TOTY Messi for the passing, although Cruyff isn’t that far off, I like the shorter players for the left stick dribbling, but if you are good with SM then Cruyff is OP.

    I would go Eusebio over Mbappe up front for the 5*wf, and now FB CR7 would be a contender also.
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