Why no silver stars in regular packs?

I actuallly thought this promo would be dope, then I realised they didn’t realease any silver (silver stars etc) in packs. I don’t get why they didnt do that. It would have been fun and for me grinding league sbc and bpm it would be nice to see something special pop up from a silver pack. Any idea why they didnt do it? Like an actually full squad?


  • Jono6989
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    Well they sort of are doing a full team I guess however also arguably making them all actually attainable rather letting the market dictate cost, which logic suggests letting people do this part requires common sense and then greed and hype gets thrown in, so as rinsing and making rises in low end fodder, this probably is the best way other than objectives. Just purely being silver they’d be rare, throw that in with hype and demands and human greed it would be hell and cost a hell of a lot more!
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