Where’s the sweaty geezers who shot cancel then

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I’m at a point where I’m pretty steady with how I attack in terms of skill moves etc so I want to add something new to my game to practice with.

I’m tempted to go with timed finishing because I know it can be a bit of a game changer but at the same time I’m not worried about my finishing, I’d prefer to add a new way to open a defence to create the shot rather than the shot itself.

So for people who do use shot cancels, is there any tips? Certain angles, angles of the exit, pace to do it at etc?

I hate people who use it. So as they say, if you can’t beat them 🤷🏻‍♂️


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    Use shot cancels when you don’t really have anything on (passes or shots at goal). It’s a bluff. If your opponent buys it they’ll either block the lane / go into a tackle animation (and in doing so, create space on a separate lane for you to enter) or they won’t buy it and stick with you. With your bought time your own team should be in different positions.

    It’s the defenders job to notice that you don’t have anything on so there’s no need to make any committed manoeuvres.
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