Button lag, button lag, button lag

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What a disgusting gameplay at the moment. My players feel like bronze 49 covid infected crap.


  • METH
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    A booster jab might help
  • JGDC74
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    Been playing friendlies today. Was mostly ok up until around 1pm, and now every game my players are running in quicksand.
  • JohnShelby
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    Last 2 months Game is bad but today something special..

    Last week i had 8/10 wins in DR
    4/5 wins in Play offs
    8/15 wins in champs

    4/8 wins in Play offs
    1/7 wins in DR
    0/2 in champs

    I don’t know is it because of swaps and a lot of this friendly objectives so more people are playing but every Game is so much lag, button delay, high ping…
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