Pls tell UK players when we can play the game.



  • Orison wrote: »
    Orison wrote: »
    I love how you now have to be an IT/broadband expert to get a workable game 🤣

    I don't have any issues with any other head to head games, just FIFA.

    Just saying that I use some random router that I bought from the isp, playing on wireless, never bothered opening ports or setting the nat type to open or whatever and yet y'all jealous of my clean connection ;)

    Dat German efficiency.


    Once upon a time I was a connection merchant. Always raging, refusing to play friday evening because of the new promo, saturdays always feeling awful too.

    But eventually I realized that it simply doesn't matter. If you don't enjoy the game, don't play. Raging isn't fun.

    So now I no longer rage about the game, I'm just disappointed :trollface:

    I’ve adopted the same mindset, take what connection I get, and accept it. It has stopped me putting money into FUT which is a great thing personally.
  • Boabdust
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    The final fanatics is the worse gameplay ever
  • rikstar
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    Boabdust wrote: »
    The final fanatics is the worse gameplay ever

    I now can't win more than 1 game a day in this mode. Even when i had 2 players quit on me before half time because for some reason they wanted golden goal even in this mode.
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