Do Final Fanatics friendlies have SBMM? The games are so much harder compared any other friendlies.

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I've seen quite a few because complain about no SBMM in Final Fanatics, but for me it feels the complete opposite. Every friendlies mode I've played this year has had a complete mix of abilities, but as an Elite player, every game of Final Fanatics genuinely feels as hard as a top D1/Elite game or a really hard WL game.

Meanwhile the One League friendly for swaps is so comically easy in comparison that I've haven't had a single game last more than 15 in-game minutes because people instantly leave when I score.

Silver Stars and all the random objective card friendlies are also so much easier than Final Fanatics.


  • PaulDr
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    Same experience here
  • No
  • madlion
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    I was matching lots of Elite1/pros last year while doing icon swaps and lots of other half decent players
  • Jonboyparker
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    For a non elite player, everygame is still like playing an elite player in that mode.

    Log onto any other friendly and the mix is much better.

    I just think casuals, lower ranked players are giving up on that mode. It’s just not fun getting smashed 5-0 every game.
  • Diddymow
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    Because casuals have already given up on this new Friendlies lobby so you're almost exclusively playing top level players who can get wins. It's the same with Online Drafts, a casual player will get a free token, try once or twice, get smashed every time and then give up. So now online draft mode is just full of high level sweatlords.

    Swaps lobby will always have a mix of abilities because there's no games limit, it's GG and it's easy. Silver Lounge also doesn't have many high level players because they consider it a waste of time.
  • d-Leon307-b
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    Final fanatics is 5 wins for me everytime

    Meanwhile the tokens for swaps i faced some really Good Sweaty Opponents but just he First few
  • Simm0
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    Got 21 wins without losing and I think only two games were tough so I doubt it.
  • Sctt78
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    I lost 1 on my way to 21 wins in fanatics.

    Today I’m getting smashed up in online swaps one league due to horrendous gameplay and delay.

    Connection rules all.
  • I SiR MartY I
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    No, its random
  • Buzzbuzz
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    I breezed through the swaps friendlies but I'm struggling in the final fanatics, 6 wins in 10.

    This morning I played a top 100 player (according to FUTwiz) and he had an all TOTY team with prime Gullit. He whooped my arse
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    It’s the sweatiest mode ever probably due to game limit I don’t know but every team is pretty much endgame using all the exploits etc
  • SYMMO19
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    No, it's just most casuals/lower skilled players got battered on the first night so gave up....and let the sweats battle out between themselves.
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