Mystery Ball shows that passing stat is still the least important

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Anyone else have the same experience in Mystery Ball mode, that with max pace boost you can make insane runs, max dribbling you can twist and turn by defenders with ease, and with max shooting you can take ridiculous shots that still rocket the back of the net. But with max passing, it's not at all the same experience. The passing is "better" but driven passes near defenders still get intercepted fairly easily, through balls regularly don't find the striker (unlike the old days of LB+Y), and crosses are only marginally better.

My point is that EA could make so many more great IRL players (e.g. Kroos, Xavi, Verratti, etc.) usable if they would make the passing stat have more of an effect. There is so much room for passing ability to be improved, it's as if it is arbitrarily capped at 70% of what it could be.

Thoughts? (oh and when I say "least important stat", I mean among the offensive ones boosted in Mystery Ball -- PAC/SHO/PAS/DRI)
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