HL Kimmich / Totyhm Goretzka as CDM

Pulled untradable Wirtz who I really want to play. Don’t have any link so I need a stay back CDM out of Kimmich or Goretzka.
Anyone played them and have any feedback who to get?
Kimmich is a easy buy, Goretzka would need me to stretch out some coins.


  • Craigy21
    1196 posts Professional
    Kimmich, despite the work rates is fantastic as a CDM. Goretzka is more of a box 2 box mid, good at pretty much everything, but may be a bit wasted at CDM.

    Also, Wirtz is fantastic, using him as my cam currently and finding him really good.
  • balErik
    1388 posts Professional
    I would go for Goretzka since he is quicker.

    So far I think he is great, using him in this team:
  • Felici_123
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    edited February 2022
    Thanks guys, went with Kimmich for now as I didn’t needed to sell stuff to pick him up. He’s doing good, pace not an issue yet. Probably picking up Goretzka after rewards to test him (could play Cancelo cdm and Goretzka cm)

    Wirtz is fantastic, he has like 8 goals 6 assists first 5 WL games

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