41212 tacticts

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I’ve been using the 41212 for the past couple weeks with cancelo/kante/draxler and my cms. Cancelo always played the middle cm with kante on defense, draxler out to the right and my cam always dropped to LM. I just replaced draxler with Bellingham and switched him and cancelo so he’s in the middle of the pitch on defense and now my cam goes wide right and cancelo still plays in the middle with Jude playing LM. I can’t figure out how cancelo keeps sliding in the middle and pushing Jude out wide even though the tactics are exactly the same. And the cam is now playing the opposite side. Any ideas?


  • Foxsake
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    Your cam needs to be on stay forward
    Having him in balanced is a glitch in game
  • DiNapoli18
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    I know that and I like how it makes him come back and it defends in a 442. I just don’t understand why the players are switching positions when all I did was change 1 player out for another. Didn’t change any tactics
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