First Time Touch: Fine-grained Control?

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Is there a way to take a reliably smaller first time touch?

I often find myself in situations in which I need to get the ball upfield due to press dynamics or whatever, and the player receiving the pass can easily create space by taking a touch/turn in some direction.

The issue is that, even with non-R1 passes, using R2 + RS for the touch often results in a MASSIVE touch that more often than not gives possession away (sometimes it’s almost like the touch has exactly enough power to fall into the opponents path, which like many things, is very strange).

I typically play with analog sprint on, so I’ve tried only holding down sprint ~1/4 and taking a quick touch with RS (not holding it to make sure power is low), but this doesn’t seem to work.

Also, I know you can take a basic touch in a direction with LS, but I really need something in the middle of these two options, since in delayed input gameplay, the LS option is basically useless since defenders can close like 15 yards with a single step-tackle.

I’m guessing this just isn’t possible, but hoping maybe I’m just missing something.
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