Ginola’s best position??

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Saw that he dropped 250k within a week so had to pick him up. Should I use him at Cam or ST?


  • Barry Allannnn
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    He's only good as a ST really..way too clunky to be a CAM. Too clunky for my liking to be a ST as well but I'm trying to make him work as I loved him IRL :D

    You just have to be prepared for turning like a truck, getting caught of gold CBs and some iffy shooting time to time.

  • john_d_efc
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    I use him at LF in a 4321 and stay central, basically a striker. He's awful on the wing but through the middle as a striker he's class
  • Dutch3723
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    Exactly same as above - LF in a 4321. 5*5* allows you to play in a number of ways - but he’s a big powerful player rather than a small nippy agile player obviously. That’s been working brilliantly for me but you’ve got to play him that way.
  • Izzy2K17
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    Cheers gonna play him at ST and see how he is, hog a hunter on him but might use engine
  • Foxsake
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    41212 left cm
  • DannySTFC
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    ST, my favourite card on the game
  • La_Lupa
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    he is excellent if your gameplay is responsive , otherwise you will struggle wherever you play him .
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