Just how good is FS Jude Bellingham

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I haven’t really seen many people talk about the card and there’s not a whole lot on YouTube. Those who have used him, how good is he? His stats make him look like the best cm in the game. But I know plenty of cards that don’t play to their stats.


  • tvrfan
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    I've faced him a few times.... And my FS Tchouameni ate him up
  • Metalfly
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    He's very good, feels a bit better than HM Goretzka but not quite as good as TOTY Cancelo in the CM.

    Being a big guy he's going to feel a little clunky, but that's the same with all the taller players in FIFA, the only one that feels really smooth and special is Gullit, and I guess he's no Gullit, but that's not a big criticism.

  • mitsol_7
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    Just got him, honestly probably the best cm ive used so far.
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