How come toty Kantè is so expensive?

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He was 2.5 in fifa20 and had better stats.
The other toty cards are less expensive than previous years… :/


  • MoeilijkeMan
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    Because he's pretty much the best in his position and single handedly destroys opponents. I have him, he's a gamechanger.
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    He's a beast... i used him I friendlies for the recent achievements and he can run the match as get forward cm... he was doing everything, assisting, defending and scoring more than toty mbappe and Ronaldo
  • Metalfly
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    Because in FIFA 20 there was also TOTY De Jong that excelled at CDM, Kante was better yes but De Jong wasn't far behind. Not to mention De Jong had incredible linking potential to TOTY Messi, VVD, De Ligt so he was extremely popular.

    This year Jorginho simply doesn't compare to Kante if you want a CDM, not to mention he has a slightly worse linking potential, so if you are a big spender and want to build an ultimate team at this point Kante is the only option (apart from Vieira obviously).
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